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About College of Nursing


The College of Nursing is as an integral part of the Global University. It offers an undergraduate program that is congruent with its mission and goals.

The curriculum was developed based on believes incorporated by the college members with regard to person, environment, health, and nursing.   

The college members believe that person refers to individuals, family, and communities interacting with the environment through out their life. Individuals are holistic beings with bio-psychosocial and spiritual needs that are necessary to maintain optimum health. All individuals are unique being who has rights and responsibilities as a member of their families and communities.                                 

The college membersí believes that the environment includes all conditions and circumstances surrounds and influence individuals. Adaptive responses by the individuals are stimulated by the internal and external influences of the environment, which also includes the historical, political, and economical influences through which systems of care is evolved.                                                                             

Health is a dynamic process on the illness-wellness continuum. Health is influenced by internal and external environmental factors. When the individual respond with an adaptive behavior, homeostasis is maintained. A health care need occurs when the individual is unable to maintain balance between the internal and external conditions and influences of the environment.                                                       

Nursing is a dynamic and evolving profession which is both an art and science.   

The college membersí believes that the prime concern of nursing is to promote, maintain and restore the health of the client who may be an individuals, families, groups, or communities to the optimum level attainable. Nursing incorporates knowledge from other sciences as well as from nursing science that is derived from nursing research. The college membersí believes that nursing as a humane profession and science respects human dignity irrespective of religious or cultural background.    The college membersí believes that nursing education is a dynamic interactive process. The teaching process provides knowledge from a variety of nursing, humanistic, and social sciences to facilitate the learnersí needs. Learning is goal directed and life long process. The Learner is considered an active part of the teaching/ learning process, goal directed, critical thinker, motivated, and takes responsibility for his or her own personal and professional growth.                       


  • The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BsN) program is designed to prepare students who will be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and wise decision making skills and abilities.             

  • Apply the nursing process to provide holistic nursing care to individuals, families, and communities in a variety of health care settings.                 

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills during interpersonal relationships. 

  • Utilize leadership and managerial competency in the practice of nursing.

  • Apply research findings to improve professional standards of care.                      

  • Demonstrate the ability of life-long and active self learning.

  • Demonstrate competency in providing health education for all and in all health care settings.

  • Assume responsibility for maintaining awareness of ethical and legal issues that are relevant to nursing practice within a multi -cultural society.    


The Global College of Nursing aims to be a model of excellence in nursing education, research, and practice among academic health care institutions.


The Mission of the Global College of Nursing is to prepare nursing students at the general level of education. The prime concern is to equip the students with the needed knowledge and skills that enables them to meet the healthcare needs on the national and international level.

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